Not all commercial cleaning companies in Northern Virginia are created equally.

Some operators are far superior to others in terms of workmanship and customer service.

And unfortunately, some companies out there seem to be rip-off merchants, mercilessly overcharging unsuspecting Americans for menial jobs.

So how can you tell who’s hot or not? Who’s got the goods in the commercial cleaning game?

Let’s take a look at seven characteristics of a quality commercial cleaning company in Northern Virginia that you need to look out for.


A quick and easy way to determine if a commercial cleaning company is any good is to evaluate their experience.

There are operators would struggle to obtain those crucial repeat or referral clientele in this competitive industry, which would force them into bankruptcy rather quickly.

Ideally, aim for a business who’s been serving the local region for two decades or more. If a company can stand the test of time, then they’re probably pretty good at what they do.


A sure-fire way to determine if a commercial cleaning company in Northern Virginia is up-to-scratch is to evaluate the quality of their work.

If you’re already paying for a cleaning service, then take the time to assess what they’ve done each day.

If the company is consistently missing sections of your office, then it might be time to lodge a complaint or look elsewhere.


Although it may not be rocket science, the commercial cleaning industry does tend to use an array of high-tech gadgetry to achieve the best possible results.

Consider asking your preferred operator if they use High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, which are useful for reducing pollutants that cause allergies.

Another essential industry standard is the color-coded microfibre systems, which helps to avoid cross-contamination.

It’s also worth checking which cleaning products the company plans to use, and then verifying that these are safe and comply with any relevant Occupational Health And Safety (OH&S) regulations.

Some jobs, such as industrial cleaning and methamphetamine clean-up, require specialist equipment which you should evaluate on a case by case basis.


Although it is difficult to accurately determine a company’s reputation, there are several resources you can use. Your first point of call should be online reviews.

Check out Google Maps, Facebook, and Product Reviews to see what other customers are saying.

However, it’s important to remember that online reviews are not always entirely reliable.

Sometimes competitors post fake negative feedback about their rivals to attract more customers to their own business.

Other times, negative reviews come from customers with unrealistic expectations or a bad experience that was outside of the business control.

With that in mind, look for patterns of consistently positive and negative feedback to get an idea of a company’s performance.

What is even better than online reviews is feedback from people within your social or business networks.

If you know anyone who contracts a cleaning service, then give them a call and ask about their experience.


Commercial cleaning businesses in America are legally obligated to obtain workplace liability insurance for all their employees, including sub-contractors. However, as you know, not everyone plays by the rules.

If you suspect your preferred company doesn’t have appropriate insurance, then you’re well within your rights to ask for proof of their policy.

And while those cheap cash-in-hand domestic cleaners you find on low-quality websites may charge reasonable rates, know that you will be liable should they get injured in your workplace.

A proper professional operator will also have insurance to cover any accidental damage to your property that may occur during the cleaning process.

Customer Service

An excellent way to determine whether a cleaning company is any good is by evaluating its customer service.

Longstanding and reputable outfits know that customer service is a core aspect of their business and will put adequate systems in place to ensure all correspondence is handled in a courteous and timely manner.

Emergency Service

Clean up jobs can’t always wait until Monday morning.

A reliable cleaning company understands that and will offer a 24/7 emergency service for those nasty incidents that require an immediate resolution.

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