Construction cleaning services in Manassas are a specific series of cleaning tasks designed to clean a recently constructed or remodeled property.

There are 5 areas of specialty for this type of clean and they include: rough cleaning, phase cleaning, post construction cleaning, window and power washing, and garage and parking lot cleaning.

A remodeling or construction project is usually a great thing- it takes an undeveloped or inefficient space and transforms it into a useable, functional commercial environment.

Rough Construction Cleaning Services in Manassas

A “rough” cleaning is performed usually after plumbing and electrical systems have been installed and inspected. It is always done after framing, but can be done before or after sheetrock is installed to prepare for other contractors and service providers such as cabinet and/or flooring installation, painting and more.

Phase Cleaning

Phase cleaning includes cleaning through the construction process or before a new area is addressed. During remodeling, the work day may need to continue, leaving excess dust, dirt and debris on surfaces. Phase cleaning ensures sure the space is safe and clean.

Post Construction Cleaning Services in Manassas

Post construction cleaning services in Manassas is conducted once all construction or remodel work is complete, prior to move-in of tenants and/or equipment. The removal of any construction debris, including rogue materials, dust, dirt, caulking, adhesives and overspray are typically part of the post construction cleaning.

Areas around windows and doors are given extra attention and floors are cleaned thoroughly.

Window and Power Washing

Both interior and exterior of window glass should be cleaned regardless of the type of commercial building. Strict safety guidelines must be followed by all window cleaners who service high rise buildings. Regular maintenance as well as post construction cleaning is highly suggested.

Power washing is performed on all exterior surfaces that require it. Awnings, decks, and patios outdoors, or equipment and machinery inside, can all be addressed with power washing if needed. It is ideal for removing dirt and grime including grease/oil, mold and even cobwebs, hives and the like. It is important to know if the surfaces can handle the pressure, but it is a very effective cleaning process.

Garage and Parking Lot Cleaning

Loading docks, garages, parking lots, concrete patios, and sidewalks can also be power washed to clear them of debris, dirt, oil and more. After construction cleaning may need to include power washing of parking areas to be certain there are no puncture or injury hazards from construction debris.

6 Benefits of Hiring Post Construction Cleaning Services in Manassas

  1. To Create a Move-In Ready Environment. Construction and remodel is a dirty process. Professional cleaning, whether in phases or as a final clean, creates an environment that is move-in ready so business can be conducted sooner rather than later.
  2. To Create a Safe and Attractive Space. After a remodel or construction project, dust can be suspended in the air and settled on every surface, including those seen and unseen. Professional construction cleaning services in Manassas make sure not only the dust and debris is cleared in the area, but also any construction materials such as nails, screws, wood or glass that may have been left behind are removed.
  3. Assurance of Proper Waste Disposal. Construction cleaning services in Manassas know how to properly dispose of materials, including cleaning products, construction trash from demolition, and other waste that non-professionals, such as tenants or building staff, may not be aware of. Both phase cleaning and final construction clean-up can benefit from a knowledgeable janitorial crew.
  4. Guarantee Professional Results. Professional results can only be accomplished by a cleaning company who specializes in phase cleaning, post remodel cleaning, as well as power washing and window cleaning after construction work has been completed.
  5. Convenient and Easy. Professional cleaning crews are fast, effective and efficient as it is their singular focus and specialty. With a systemized approach, they are able to quickly address the cleaning needs of the building while also bringing all the needed supplies.
  6. First Hand Experience and Future Maintenance. Most Manassas post construction cleaning services provide additional maintenance services and can offer quotes for preventative and on-going cleaning to meet your needs. With full understanding of the scope of work, an accurate estimate can be given to aid with regular cleaning services. The Manassas cleaning company will have the training, equipment and supplies needed to get the job done well until your next expansion and remodel project. Plus, with your first- hand experience during the construction phase clean, you already know what to expect of your cleaning crew.

Francis Cleaning LLC. uses highly trained employees and chemicals specifically formulated for the specialized task at hand.

Whether temporary construction cleaning, ongoing commercial cleaning services, or maintenance support, we are here to help property owners and managers obtain and maintain a level of cleanliness they desire.

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