Whether you’re an employee or business owner, reading How to Help Protect Employees from Coronavirus will help keep everyone well informed and safer from the Coronavirus.

First impressions of the cleanliness of your business have never been more crucial for this era of COVID-19! Adding visual disinfection indicators such as signage can help you regain business from lock-downs and put your business in a trustworthy first impression. The next step is accomplishing the CDC guidelines for the cleaning process:

How to Clean and Disinfect Your Workplace

The CDC has an extensively reported guideline over the proper methods for cleaning and disinfecting a business premise after reopening from the pandemic-enforced lockdown.

This guideline from the CDC states a few of the following measures that you need to take into account and implement:

  1. You need to clean every surface of your office with soap and water in order to curb the exposure of the virus on different surfaces and objects. This stage of cleaning requires you to be meticulous and consider areas that are constantly touched by both employees and third parties, i.e. doorknobs.
  2. It is recommended to use EPA-approved disinfectants while cleaning so as to reduce all the risks associated with contamination. You should also have adequate knowledge about cleaning and disinfecting before you attempt to sanitize your workplace. As such, you should know the right portion of mixing chemicals with other solutions and store them in the correct space.
  3. You will have to wear the proper safety gear while performing disinfecting routines. The CDC recommends that you wear skin protection and eye protection gear, such as hazmat suits and face guards. You should also have proper ventilation through these outfits.

It is quite difficult for a normal office-worker or even janitor to safely and efficiently conduct a thorough cleaning process. This is because they are limited with their equipment, skills and knowledge along with the understanding of how to practice government-mandated techniques in disinfecting.

Therefore, it is always recommended that you use a professional cleaning service provider in Manassas to effectively conduct this process.

Here at Francis Cleaning, LLC., we have upgraded our professional janitorial services to include a vital deep cleaning and sanitation service to our customers.

The Process of Cleaning Your Workspace

According to CDC guidelines, you need to:

a) develop your plan of cleaning your workspace, b) implement your plan, and c) maintain and revise your plan.

In order to design a plan to clean your workspace, you will have to possess the suitable equipment and resources for effective cleaning.

These include: soap and water, EPA-approved disinfectant, and on the off-chance that you do not have access to an EPA-approved disinfectant, a chemical cleaning solution.

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It is best that you remove all materials around your work environment which are frequently touched by people.

You may choose to re move any carpeting around your office for better cleaning and to ensure the virus does not exist on the material. Other types of materials that you can remove or disinfect are sofas and other seating types.

Sometimes, surfaces can be cleaned with just soap and water while other areas may need a good look for disinfection. You will have to contact a professional to determine which surfaces require what type of washing or disinfecting.

Determining Which Areas to Clean

protect employees from coronavirus

If you are choosing to reopen your business, it is important that you seek the help of a professional to provide a thorough cleaning of your workspace.

Afterwards, it is essential that you maintain a routine cleaning process, particularly for objects and surfaces which are constantly in contact with other people.

Some of these objects could be tables, handles, faucets, desks, keyboards, doorknobs and so on. As a restaurant business, you will have to clean your table tops and countertops with stringent cleaning practices.

As an office, you will have to consider every room in the building or office square to make sure nothing is ignored from cleaning.

It is very difficult to clean and disinfect non-hard materials without professional services.

Items such as rugs and carpets, curtains and seating covers do not require frequent washing but as a business which has recently opened, it does need professional cleaning.

Practicing Safe Behavior While Cleaning

Even as you are cleaning surfaces and objects, you need to exhibit the proper behavior to safeguard yourself and avoid cross-contamination.

Certain measures need to be taken with priority and if you are the person who’s cleaning their workspace as part of a routine, make sure you maintain the following:

  • Wear face coverings with either a face shield or a face mask
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth until you have disinfected your hands after a cleaning session
  • Always stay six feet away from someone else in order to reduce infecting or getting infected by others
  • Wear gloves while cleaning
  • Change or remove your clothing once you have conducted a successful cleaning session
  • Always wash your hands after touching objects which have not been cleaned. You can use either soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

There really is no way around maintaining these practices. You have to be aware of what you’re doing and whether you are complying with the proper behavior. This ensures that neither you, your co-workers, employees or even customers are in danger of being infected by a coronavirus.

If you want to mitigate the chances of your workspace being contaminated in the long-run, there are a few other steps you can implement.

As a restaurant, you can always keep your door open and avoid people constantly touching the doorknob or the door itself.

This also enables better ventilation which increases the chance of killing the virus, as opposed to a closed space which allows the virus to exist for longer periods of time.

For office spaces, you can remove objects which are commonly touched by employees such as coffee steamers. You can even distribute office stationaries to every employee so that no one has to share their stuff and risk object-to-human transmission.

Tips: How to Help Protect Employees from Coronavirus

Yes, the above information is a comprehensive look into how you can protect your employees from coronavirus. You will learn how to prevent being affected while also maintaining government policies. The following is a shortlist of things you can do:

  1. Try to digitalize a few of your services. Make enough telework arrangements so that your employees do not have to travel to work and risk being infected.
  2. Make sure everyone in the office or your work environment is practicing social distancing. Meetings can be taken over online networks such as Zoom or Skype.
  3. Always give employees a break time where they can wash their hands and change clothes if necessary.
  4. Ensure that you are always complying with government regulations by staying updated on new information.
  5. Do not hesitate in sending sick employees home and provide help to them in any way you can.
  6. Do you have a delivery service or employees who constantly travel from different sites? Make sure they isolate themselves for the 14-day incubation period before returning back to work.
  7. As you relay information to your workers, make sure it is given in a way that is communicable and not overburdening. This means you should be brief but informative.
  8. Every employee should know where cleaning supplies are located.
  9. An ample supply of janitorial supplies should be in-stock and maintained


Thank you for reading How to Help Protect Employees from Coronavirus. For a business in Manassas that is reopening during the time of the pandemic, it is imperative that you enlist the help of professional cleaning services.

This helps to avoid a contaminated workspace. We, Francis Cleaning LLC., comply with OSHA regulations and always follow up on CDC guidelines to provide the utmost cleaning and disinfecting services.

Do not risk having your business halted from an employee or a customer falling sick on your premises.

Stand as the model for all businesses by taking all measures of protecting your employees and safeguarding your business operations.