The US cleaning industry has grown by just under 7% year upon year. As time becomes more valuable in the busy modern world, buying it back has become a thriving business. But how do you get the right house cleaners for the job?

With just a little work and questioning, you can find the right one for you. Read on as we discuss how to find professional house cleaners for your needs.

7 Questions to Ask Your Potential House Cleaners

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1. Who Will Do the Job?

Cleaners will operate as individuals or as part of a larger house cleaning company. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Solo workers will probably offer a lower rate. You will also get to know them and can build a relationship with the individual.

The downside is that if they can’t work or they are sick then you are left without a cleaner.

Larger companies have more overheads and this transfers to increased cost.

The payoff is that you will get more reliability, as they can change staff for others if people phone in sick. This brings its own problems, as you may not know who is turning up to clean your property.

2. What Is the Cost?

When you look for a cleaning company in Manassas, you should always have a budget in your mind. This helps you get a better overview of what you can get for your money.

You may find vast differences between quotes.

One thing to look out for is what is included in the basic package.

Varied cleaners and companies will have a different outlook on what a basic clean includes. Some may include windows cleaning for example, while others may not.

Prices will also increase depending on the size of your property. It is best to set a ceiling price if you are being charged per hour, so cleaners know not to go over.

Finally, get a price list for the occasional added tasks you may need doing. These could include oven and appliance cleaning.

3. Are You Insured?

A cleaning company should be insured. If not, it shows they are running an amateur operation. You leave yourself open to a host of legal proceedings.

Once a person is on your property and injures themselves, you are legally responsible.

When they have insurance, the problems shift to their insurance company. Having a bonded company can also help you if anything is broken on your property.

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4. Where Can I Find References?

There are numerous places online you can now search for a home cleaning company. Luckily, it is harder than ever for the bad ones to hide.

You should be able to use a combination of trade sites and Google My Business to find the best rated.

Never underestimate word of mouth. Ask friends, family, and even other business owners who they use. They may even give you advice about who to avoid.

Finally, ask the company for their own references.

Of course, they are going to be the best ones, but they give you an idea of the kind of clients the company is used to dealing with.

Informed decisions about the company you choose can be taken from this.

5. What Is the Process if I Am Not Happy With the Service?

Even if you get the most highly rated home cleaning company, a time may come when you are not happy with their service.

You may find one-off occasions when things are below par, or it may be a recurring problem. In any eventuality, it helps to know how to handle it.

By following the company complaints procedure you can get your issue dealt with quicker.

Any company should be able to tell you how they deal with issues such as this. If not, it may signify they are inexperienced and your problems may take a long time to be resolved.

6. How Do You Recruit?

If you have hired a company to do the cleaning, they could send a range of employees to complete the job.

As you are letting these people into your home, you need to know their credentials. This is why you should question the company on how they recruit.

Any employee should have had a criminal background check. Unfortunately, if you employ a private maid service then this background check is down to you.

Another consideration is how privacy is dealt with.

As house cleaners will be going through your house and personal items, a structure should be in place in which they do not disclose information.

Companies may have this in place but you may have to agree on this with private housekeepers.

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7. What Services Do You Offer?

As well as establishing what a basic clean involves, you should always ask about additional cleaning services.

This can let you get an overview of cleaning for the year if you decide to add on seasonal tasks and one-off cleaning.

By preempting these tasks, you may even be able to save money.

Ask the house cleaning company if you can pay for a larger package, perhaps involving once a month or once a season tasks. Even services like pool cleaning may be included, meaning you can save a lot of money.

Professional House Cleaners

Now you know how to find professional house cleaners, start the search early. This will allow you to shop around and find the one for you.

It may be cheaper than you think.

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