Cleaning your home can become more difficult if you have mobility issues or suffer from conditions such as arthritis.

You want to maintain your independence but also avoid accidents and aggravating painful conditions by overexerting yourself.

Fortunately, you can keep on top of your cleaning with these cleaning tips for seniors courtesy of the professionals from Francis Cleaning Services in Manassas, VA.

House Cleaning Tips for Seniors

1. Reduce the risk of falls with an extension

Stretching and reaching can increase your risk of falls.

Luckily, there is a wide variety of extendable cleaning tools available that are ideal for reaching higher areas, such as light fixtures, ceiling fans, and the tops of shelves.

Products such as Swiffer dusters are an excellent tool for seniors, as you can extend the handle and get at hard-to-reach spots without climbing onto a chair or injuring yourself stretching.

You can also customize your own extendable tool using a broom! You can slip a cloth bag over the bristles and then tackle tasks such as removing cobwebs and dusting.

2. Tackle bathtub scum with a soft-bristled broom

Once again, it’s your trusty broom to the rescue. A soft-bristled broom allows you to clean your bathtub and shower walls without stretching or crouching.

Apply your cleaner to the tub surface and walls as usual, and then use the broom to scrub away dirt.

You can then rinse the area by turning on the shower.

Remember to keep this broom separate from your day-to-day broom, as you want it to be free of dirt when using it to clean the tub.

3. Choose scrub-free cleaning products

Instead of using elbow grease to scrub away dirt, shop for scrub-free cleaning products.

They make an assortment of cleaners that attack dirt with little effort, allowing you to spray, soak, and then wipe away the mess.

These items are great for bathrooms, including tubs, toilets, and shower stalls.

4. Keep on top of clutter

Clutter can increase the risk of trips and falls. If you keep it clutter-free, your home will look cleaner and also feel safer.

Make sure anything you use is put away after you’re done. Invest in some affordable storage items like baskets to make it easier to keep things organized.

Also, things such as flyers and newspapers should be placed in the recycle bin right away so you reduce the amount of unnecessary papers lying around.

Something as simple as a flyer on the floor can lead to a slip and injury.

Also, be sure you keep baskets out of the way so you aren’t constantly tripping over them.

5. Use your dishwasher

Dishwashers are handy cleaning tools you can use on dusty or grime items in the home, including:

  • Water-safe nicknacks
  • Small waste baskets
  • Small compost containers
  • Small filters
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Soap dishes
  • Plastic pet toys
  • Small light fixtures

Pop them in for a cycle, and then get on with your day.

6. Put cleaning products on wheels

Instead of lugging around your cleaning products, place a cleaning storage unit on wheels.

This allows you to keep everything handy as you clean, without having to carry heavy items around.

7. Cover fridge drawers and shelves with plastic wrap

Your fridge drawers are prone to spills and leaks. To make cleanup a breeze, cover your fridge surfaces with cling wrap.

If there is a spill or leak, simply remove the wrap and replace it so you don’t have to worry about constantly wiping them down.

This also helps reduce germs in the area you store food.

8. Use wipes

Wipes are a handy cleaning tool that help keep you on top of the mess.

Keep a container of wipes on your kitchen counter and in the bathroom so you can wipe up messes, like spilled food and toothpaste before they have time to harden.

This not only tackles the mess when it happens but also makes cleaning day easier as the surfaces will be clean.

9. Use vacuum attachments

If your vacuum has attachments, it makes it easy to tackle cleaning tasks such as dusting, removing crumbs from table tops and counters, cleaning up spills like cereal, and more.

10. Create a cleaning schedule

Create a cleaning schedule so you know what needs to be done and when. Instead of trying to tackle everything at once, you can have a day to vacuum, a day to dust, a day to do laundry, etc.

If you find it difficult to keep on top of your cleaning, you should consider hiring cleaning services in Manassas, VA to help.

They can come into your home based on your preferred cleaning schedule and keep your home clean and safe.

11. Keep things within reach

Consider the cleaning products and tools you use often, and store them in an area that makes them easy to reach.

For example, you might find it easier to have them in a basket on the kitchen counter or a nearby table, instead of under the sink or on a high shelf in your pantry or closet.

This will make it easier to reach the cleaning items you need, so you are more likely to take care of cleaning with less worry.

Ideally, you have an out-of-the-way area for a cleaning caddy on wheels.

12. Avoid difficult tasks

You know what you’re capable of doing, but sometimes you can underestimate how demanding some cleaning tasks can be.

For example, getting down on your hands and knees to scrub the floor or tub, trying to clean away dust bunnies from under the bed, or carrying a heavy load of laundry may be too hard.

Pay attention to how you’re feeling and take care when managing more difficult tasks.

If you find something is hard, or makes you feel unsafe, avoid those tasks and enlist some help from a loved one.

You can also hire cleaning services in Manassas, VA to help!

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