Clean Your Windows and Glass Doors Like a Pro

Windows and Glass doors are perfect for illuminating your house with natural light.

They also add to the property’s curb appeal, aesthetic design and overall layout. However, you cannot reap the complete benefits of glass doors and windows if they are smudged, cloudy and spotty.

Dirty glass surfaces are extremely noticeable, and if spots, stains and dust remain on them for long periods, they threaten the structural integrity of the surfaces.

When ending a tenancy, unclean glass doors and windows during the final inspection weaken your claim to a 100% bond refund.

You can hire professional cleaning service in Manassas VA to deep clean your entire rental property and increase your chances.

However, suppose the stains or damage is significant due to your negligence in keeping the glass doors and windows clean.

In that case, your landlord can use the bond money to pay for professional cleaning or replacing the fixtures. To avoid this from happening, follow the tips shared below to clean your windows and glass doors like a pro.

Clean Your Windows & Glass Doors Like A Pro

clean your windows

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Wipe Regularly With Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are soft cleaning tools that effectively capture dust particles, bacteria, and other contaminants. They are perfect for wiping glass doors and windows every day without streaks, scratches or swirls.

To remove fingerprints, smudges and dirt, take a dry microfiber cloth and move top to bottom while wiping.

It is a trick professional cleaning services in Manassas VA use to save time and energy.

In addition to cleaning top to bottom, make an ‘S’ pattern with elongated strokes to ensure the pollutants fall down, and you don’t re-contaminate cleaned areas.

Avoid Using Commercial Cleaners

Using a commercial glass cleaner is the first choice of everyone, but you should avoid them.

Usually, they contain volatile organic compounds responsible for serious respiratory conditions and poor indoor air quality. Thus, instead of store-bought glass cleaning solutions, use soap and water first to remove spots and stains.

To clean glass windows and doors:

  • Make a solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water in a spray bottle
  • Apply it generously on unclean glass and let it dwell for a minute.
  • Scrub with a damp sponge in circular motions, then wash with water.
  • Alternatively, you can wipe the residues with a microfiber cloth.

Clean With White Vinegar

You can make a cleaner with 50% white vinegar and 50% warm water to sanitize any windowpane or glass enclosure.

White vinegar is an excellent eco-friendly cleaning product that dissolves grime, grease and dirt from almost any surface.

For glass surfaces, vinegar works wonderfully because it cleans without streaks and degreases them. Just spray the solution on the dirty area and wipe it with a microfiber cloth after a minute.

This cleaning solution is suitable for treating cloudy glass doors and windows. If the glass surfaces remain milky even after repeated cleaning, it is permanently damaged and replacing it is the best solution.

Deep Clean With Baking Soda Paste

Old smudges, hard water stains, grime etc., are sometimes difficult to remain.

You can make a paste of baking soda, water and dishwashing liquid to clean efficiently and sustainably almost any surface in your home.

  • Apply the paste generously on the glass surfaces.
  • Give it a dwell time of 15-20 minutes then scrub gently with a damp sponge.
  • Wipe the paste off the doors and windows with a paper towel.
  • Next, spray the area with water and wipe with a dry microfiber cloth.
clean your windows

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Spot-Clean With Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is great for sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces.

You can use it to spot clean glass doors and windows by spraying the solution on the affected areas and wiping it with a microfiber cloth.

While purchasing rubbing alcohol, ensure it has at least 70% isopropyl and 30% water. If the alcohol content is less than 70%, it will not remove spots and disinfect the surfaces properly.

Additionally, if the alcohol content is more than 90%, the solution will evaporate before it sanitizes anything.

Spot-cleaning with rubbing alcohol is a great way to sanitize glass windows and doors when you are in a hurry or have people coming over.

Don’t Clean With Harsh Tools

Glass doors and windows get scratches and swirls easily, which is why you should avoid using harsh cleaning tools like steel wool, metal or plastic scraper, etc.

Instead, always use microfiber products, soft-bristle brushes, and sponges to scrub and wipe glass surfaces. Additionally, always remove excess water and moisture using a rubber squeegee or a microfiber towel.

clean your windows

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Keeping glass doors and windows in your home clean and spotless is crucial for maintaining their appearance. Use the tips shared above for regular sanitation of these fixtures like a pro.

However, in many situations you will want to seek the assistance of a cleaning service offering house windows cleaning in Manassas VA to clean your house full.