How To Have Fresh Laundry Tips

We’ve all been there, taking wet clothes out of the washing machine just to find them smelling moldy and gross.

No matter what you do, the smell doesn’t go away.

This is frustrating, which is why most people rely on house cleaning services in Manassas, VA, to deal with their bad-smelling laundry.

This way they get their laundry smelling fresh and pleasant at all times.

However, if you want to go it alone, we’ve got you covered.

To better understand the process of getting fresh laundry, we’ve prepared a list of tips and tricks to help you. Read on!

Why don’t my clothes smell nice after washing?

Before you can make your clothes retain their freshness and always have a pleasant smell, it’s important to know what causes the revolting moldy smell.

One of the main reasons is the state of your washing machine. The biggest laundry mistake is not cleaning your appliance often enough.

If it’s been a while since you deep cleaned it, that should be the first thing to do to get rid of the smell.

Running the highest temperature cycle on an empty machine with a cup of baking soda should be sufficient.

Before turning it on, make sure to clean out the filter near the bottom of the machine, as there may be dirt and mold, and maybe a missing sock or two.

Some other reasons why you get smelly clothes after washing are:

  • Leaving wet clothes in the machine for too long
  • Using the wrong type and improper amount of detergent
  • Faulty water supply, identified by a sulfur smell
  • Washing your clothes on a lower temperature cycle

How to have fresh laundry?

Now that you know what can cause it, it’s time to learn how to prevent bad-smelling laundry:

1. Dry your clothes right away

The first step to getting your clothes to smell fresh is to not let any moisture linger on them for longer than necessary.

This means hanging your clothes as soon as the machine finishes the cycle, or putting them into the dryer right away.

On a warm and sunny day, you can place your clothes-drying rack outside and they’ll be dry in only a few hours!

2. Switch up your detergent and fabric softener

Not every laundry product is suitable for all clothing.

If you think your detergent or fabric softener is not good enough for your clothes, try a different brand.

You can pick one from the list of EPA-approved cleaning products. The main thing to remember is always to use the right amount, as using too much or too little can make your clothes smell unpleasant.

3. Air out your wardrobe every few months

Although the washing part is important, the place where you store your garments is crucial, since they live there until you wear them.

In summer, when it’s warm, take all your clothes out of the wardrobe and leave it empty until the evening, with the doors wide open.

This kills any bacteria that might be multiplying inside and gets rid of the stale odor.

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