Window cleaning in the summer is different from fall window cleaning. There are a lot of extra obstacles and dangers to consider when cleaning windows in the fall. In the article below we’ll review some of the following issues:

  • Ladder safety
  • Rainy weather
  • Slippery leaves
  • Cold temperatures

We hope to guide you and your family toward a safer autumn season (and cleaner windows, of course).

Ladder Safety and Window Cleaning in Cold Weather

Ladder safety in the fall often means taking extra steps. First, you’ll need to consider the colder temperatures and the possibility of ice and frost. Before using your ladder, make sure there’s no ice on the rungs and that it’s secure in its spot on the ground.

Window Cleaning During Rainy Weather

With fall also comes more frequent rainy weather. This, naturally, complicates the process of cleaning windows.

While we recommend waiting for clearer weather, if you must clean, we highly suggest only cleaning first-floor windows.

Attempting to climb a ladder to reach your higher windows in wet conditions is very dangerous because your ladder’s rungs are going to be slippery.

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Danger! Slippery Leaves

After the rain, the leaves underfoot are going to be seriously treacherous.

We suggest using a rake to clear out any slippery leaves from the area where you want to place your ladder. Once your ladder spot is clear of leaves, make sure your ladder is secure before climbing.

If you can, get another person to hold the ladder steady for you.

Window Cleaning in the Cold

When working with water in possibly near-freezing temperatures, we suggest wearing protection on your hands. Switch out gloves if they get soaked.

Additionally, wearing shoes with good traction is important so that you don’t slip on the rungs of your ladder.

Even though you think you’ll work up a sweat with all that cleaning, also consider wearing a jacket to stay warm, and a waterproof shell to keep it dry.

Peace of Mind with Professional Window Cleaning

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