After a big construction project you are going to be so excited to get into your new space and start setting it up the way that you want. When you first enter your new space, you will quickly realize that your first step is going to be post-construction cleaning.

Construction makes a huge mess with all kinds of dust like saw dust, drywall dust and tile dust. While the construction workers will do what they can, they are not professional post-construction cleaners and they can only do so much as part of their job. For the rest you will have to do post construction cleaning yourself or hire a construction cleaning service to do it for you.

Getting your new space really clean after construction is super important, so you need to take construction cleaning seriously. You really don’t want to be finding construction debris months or years after the work is done, so getting it right is a big key to your project’s success.

If you are wondering about how to tackle the big task of post-construction cleaning, we have put together this guide with the top seven post construction cleaning tips that will make your life a lot easier. All you have to do is read this guide and you will have a great start towards getting your construction site all cleaned up and ready to be used.

1. Start From The Top

When embarking on post-construction cleaning, you will want to start from the top, cleaning the ceiling. There is going to be a lot of dust, and you will kick it up as you clean, but if you start from the top, the dust will settle down and you won’t have to clean the same spot twice.

This is actually a technique that professional cleaners use everywhere no matter if they are cleaning up after construction or not. Always start cleaning from the top and your job will be much easier. If there are light fixtures installed you can clean them first as well. Any air duct vents in the ceiling should be cleaned as well.

You may need to use a step ladder when cleaning the ceiling, so you certainly need to be careful. You can use a combination of a duster, rags, and a vacuum cleaner to help with your cleaning. Just be sure to get as much dust as you can.

2. Let Dust Settle

If you are working on post-construction cleaning and you start to notice the air looks cloudy because of all the dust you have kicked up, it is good to take a break and let it settle to the ground. If you try to clean while there is a lot of dust in the air you may clean well, but as soon as the dust settles you will find yourself needing to clean again.

Don’t waste your efforts and clean a spot twice. While dust is settling, you can take a break and relax or you could move to another area where there is not so much dust in the air. Once you see that the dust has settled you can go ahead and start cleaning where you left off, being careful not to kick too much dust up into the air again.

While we are speaking about dust, it is good to note that you will need to wear a good dust mask to perform post-construction cleaning. It will protect your respiratory system and you will be able to work harder and better without having to cough all of the time. Construction dust could also be harmful long term, so it is really smart to wear a protective mask.

3. Vacuum All Of It

Your vacuum cleaner is going to be your best friend when trying to do a post-construction cleaning. You may not want to use your ordinary household vacuum cleaner though, as it will probably look like it lost a bad fight with a dust pile after you are finished.

Serious construction cleaners should consider getting a shop vac for this cleaning job, as it will handle anything you throw at it with ease. You want to pay special attention to the tracks of windows and sliding doors, as these tracks can be damaged if dust is left on them.

4. Open Windows While Cleaning

If you are able to open the windows and doors safely while post-construction cleaning, that will help to allow some of the dust to escape. This will help also to make the air more breathable, as fresh air will come in and the dirty dusty air can blow outside.

Some construction cleaners will even aim fans out the windows to force dust out. If you have a high powered construction fan this might aid in your endeavors.

5. Clean The Floors

Don’t freak out if your floors look horrible after the construction crews leave, that is pretty normal with all that they have been up to. Anything but dried paint on the floor will come up pretty easy with some water.

For hard floors you can sweep and then mop them to get them looking shiny and new. You may want to apply a layer of protective finish to make them really shine. For carpet, vacuum as much as you can and you may need to use a wet rag to clean up any dried dirt.

6. Window Washing

The windows will probably have a good layer of dust on the inside which can be taken care of with some water and a soft rag. After you wipe the dust off, you can go back and clean them with some streak free glass cleaner to get them all the way cleared up.

7. Consider Hiring Professionals

As you can probably tell by now, post-construction cleaning is a whole lot of work that you will probably be happier just hiring professionals to do for you.

You already had the pros building your new space, now get some pros to clean it all up and get you really started from square one.

This is just a one time cleaning, so you should make sure that you get it done as well as you can. A Manassas post-construction cleaning service will know all the tricks to get your newly constructed space ready to be made the way that you want it to be.

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