Scrum, dust, and dirt can affect the amount of light that comes in. With a professional window cleaning Manassas VA company, your home can become brighter and happier as the sun comes in.

Professional services are different compared to you grabbing the soap and a bucket. At Francis Cleaning, LLC, we do proper window cleaning Manassas VA using the best tools designed specifically for cleaning glass so light can shine brightly through your windows.

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The question that most people ask is how often should they hire a professional window cleaning Manassas VA company?

The answer may seem as simple as get them cleaned when they look dirty, but the truth of the matter is, it isn’t that simple. The real question here is when should you get your windows professionally cleaned so they stay clean the longest?

This is an important aspect of window cleaning Manassas VA. Cleaning windows can be very difficult work to make sure that it is properly cleaned.

There’s more to it than spraying and wiping. So, this is something you won’t do personally on a daily basis or pay someone to do it weekly.

That being said, the most efficient and general rule of thumb is to hire a Manassas window cleaning company once every three to six months. This would, of course, depend on several factors as well.

Factors in window cleaning Manassas VA

Not all homes are built the same. With that, not all windows can be treated in the same manner as well. There are several factors that can affect when and how you should clean your windows or hire a window cleaning Manassas VA company.

1. Location

First of these factors is the location of the home or apartment. If it is located near the beach, then the windows would be affected by salt spray. In this case, then you need to have it cleaned more regularly to maintain its integrity as well.

Another key point is if the home is located near high traffic areas where a lot of cars pass by daily. This would equal to a lot of pollution which can affect the cleanliness of your windows.

2. Small children

If you have small children and kids around, chances are they would run around and play in your garden and get to touch your windows with dirty hands. This would again speed up your need for a window cleaning Manassas VA company to ensure that the windows are cleaned properly.

3. Pets

Cats and dogs can get very dirty paws as they run around in the garden, out on the street, and everywhere else. Then when they come home, they try to get your attention through glass by tapping on them with their paws which leaves imprints. Again, this can hasten your need for proper window cleaning services.

4. Season

Last is the season. One of the main misconceptions when it comes to window cleaning is that you should only do it during sunny months. This isn’t true. As a window cleaning Manassas VA company, we’ve experienced this a lot and we can tell you that the only time it doesn’t make sense to have dirty windows cleaned is during a storm.

With that, here are some notes on each season for cleaning windows:

Winter: Normally you wouldn’t want to get your windows cleaned during the winter because the rain can put the dirt back on there. However, winter rains are normally “clean” rain and they do not carry much dirt unlike rain driven by the wind which is common right after summer.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how long your clean windows last during the winter.

Autumn: With a not so hot temperature, Autumn is also a really good time to get a window cleaning Manassas VA company because there is less chance that cleaning products dry up while you use them.

Summer: Summer is a busy time for window cleaning as people want to maximize the sun coming through their windows. Reduced amount of rain and fast drying makes the task a bit easier.

Spring: Spring is traditionally the best time to get your windows cleaned as part of your spring cleaning. The only downside is that pollen can accumulate faster on your windows which can make them look dirtier fast.

Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Manassas VA Company

If you want efficient cleaning on your windows, you can hire us at Francis Cleaning, LLC. We are a window cleaning company that provides emphasis on the quality of our work.

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