Offices always illuminate the vibe of purity and productivity. After all, these are spaces where you get your work done. These are spaces designed to entice productivity. It’s hard to imagine it as some sort of place that can be a source of micro danger to your health. However, offices are often spaces where viruses and bacteria thrive on.

There are certain spots and locations that you need to keep a watch on to keep everybody safe and healthy.

As such, maintaining some spaces and spots in your office locations is crucial to keep everybody inside safe and healthy. Since offices usually have many people every day, everybody should practise more hygiene methods to make all spaces as clean as possible.

Truly, there are really breeding grounds in your offices that can encourage the growth of pathogens. Some of these spaces are as follows:

Comfort room

Comfort rooms need to be always on the lookout for pathogens that may cause harm. Whatever business that goes in the comfort room should always be taken care of. Some areas that are covered with bacteria are toilet seats, tissue holders, trash bins, sinks, faucet handles, driers, mirrors, and doorknob.

It’s crucial to use disinfectant sprays and high-grade cleaning solutions to make sure that these aspects of a comfort room don’t start to breed unwanted organisms.

Pantry or break room

The pantry is one of the places in the office where people traffic is dense. Everybody goes to the pantry to either help in their day’s boost of productivity or to take a break. During lunchtimes, you might just go to the pantry to get your food from the fridge.

Since many people use the pantry, it is essential to keep it clean. You never know, bacteria and virus are growing over that coffee pot that was last washed days ago. Besides food, Your fridge might be storing germs too.


Nobody escapes using the elevator. If your office is in a building, almost everybody will be using the elevator with you. That’s a lot of people pushing buttons and carrying whatever they walked on from the outside.

Handrails in the elevator (if there are any) might be breeding some pathogens that can cause you unexpected harm the moment you touch. Keep your elevators clean and avoid touching railings inside.

Staircase railings

Stair railings are often always overlooked when it comes to breeding bacteria. As such, for a period of time, they can harbour pathogens and the fact that many hands hold on to stair railings means there’s a lot of pathogen transfer occurring.

As such, more kinds of virus and types of bacteria thrive on in your office stair railings. The good news however is, if your office handrails are made of steel, there’s less chance that these pathogens survive and can cause harm.


For the most surprisingly best breeding ground for pathogens, the desk makes it on the list. You might use you desk for anything. You might put anything on your desk. There are a lot of things on your desk that may be gathering bacteria and virus.

According to some studies, your desks can be up to four hundred times more contaminated than your office comfort room toilets. That’s a lot of bacteria that can possibly cause you harm when left uncleaned. Clean your space!


Bacteria and virus thrive especially on locations that are a possible good host for their colony. Almost all spaces are dirty and should be kept clean, however, there are a few places that should be focused on.

These are places that people and contacts are frequent, thereby transferring of pathogens from one host to another possible one, which is you. This is why it’s important not only to keep yourself clean but also the environment you are in.

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