Selling a house in Manassas, VA is challenging for most homeowners because the house and unit prices are touching record highs.

There are multiple ways homeowners can increase the curb appeal of their property.

Renovations, upgrades and additions are among the most common ones.

However, not everyone has the money to start a major home improvement project.

If you are among them, your best option is to clean and spruce your home to make it as shiny & neat as possible.

Property owners ending a lease agreement with a renter can hire professionals for move out cleaning in Manassas, VA to make their property spik & span for buyer visits.

Even if you don’t have renters and live in the house with family, you can get it professionally cleaned.

However, if you choose to deep clean your house, knowing what cleaning mistakes you can make is essential.

Thus, here are 10 cleaning mistakes to avoid when selling your property. Have a look.

10 Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your House

1. Spik Oven, Dishwasher & Microwave Cleaning

Suppose a buyer is at your home and opens any of these appliances to witness gunk, grime and a pungent odour.

Food carbons and bacteria smell always smell bad, decreasing your chances of selling the property significantly.

Therefore, make sure to deep clean the dishwasher, microwave and oven before an open house to prevent embarrassment.

2. Neglect Cleaning Baseboards/Skirting

Most people focus on making the floors spotless and shiny, leaving the baseboards caked with dust, scuff marks and dirt.

The wall skirtings/baseboards protect the walls from bumps and add aesthetic appeal to your home.

However, these fixtures are overlooked during routine vacuuming, sweeping and mopping of floors

Thus, while deep cleaning your house before selling, wipe the skirting/baseboards with a damp microfiber cloth.

3. Let A Splatter Zone Develop In The Kitchen

Cooking without creating a mess is impossible, and most people end up with a splatter zone in their kitchen.

It is the area where splatters from food being cooked go, including the stove top, rangehood bonnet, countertops, cabinets above the stove etc.

Wipe this area after cooking every time to prevent the build-up of grease stains. Even professionals performing move out cleaning in Manassas, VA suggest cleaning these areas regularly.

4. Ignoring Shallow Mould Spots

If any area in your home has budding mildew, don’t ignore it because mould grows rapidly.

Therefore, if you spot mould specks on a wall, baseboard, ceiling or any other area before the buyer visits, remove them with vinegar, soap and water.

Spray vinegar directly on the spots & wait for 30 minutes before washing with dishwashing liquid and warm water.

5. Forget To Wash The Windows

Cleaning windows inadequately often happens when you are pressed for time and want to put your house on the market.

You can forget to wash the windows thoroughly, leaving the tracks and frames gunky and the panes milky.

Thus, using a power hose, a firm brush and a sponge, wash every nook and cranny of the windows.

6. Cleaning Carpets Yourself

Well-kept carpets increase your home’s curb appeal. But, carpets, particularly the ones in high-traffic areas, get dirty, dull and grimy.

Even with regular vacuuming and spot cleaning, they gather dust and dirt that only professionals can remove.

Therefore, after a renter leaves, you can hire professionals for move out cleaning in Manassas, VA, which includes carpet cleaning.

Alternatively, you can get the carpets professionally cleaned to ensure the fixtures are clean and smell fresh before the sale.

7. Not Unclogging & Sanitising Drains

Drains can accumulate gunk and develop bio-films that become hot spots for bacteria, viruses and fungi.

If the water pressure in the house is low, this issue can persist, and the drains will need regular sanitation to prevent sewer smell.

You can pour bleach down the drains to remove the muck and dissolve the grime.

Cover the drain for 30 minutes, then pour boiling water to wash everything and remove the odour.

8. Repainting The Outdoor Areas But Not Cleaning Them

Many people get the outdoor walls painted again to make the house look brighter.

However, they don’t clean the gutters, rake the leaves, mow the lawn or perform other outdoor cleaning activities.

Thus, make an outdoor house cleaning checklist to ensure your home looks as good from the outside as it does from the inside.

9. Leaving Hard Water Stains On Bathroom Surfaces

Removing hard water stains is hard work, and not everyone has the time, patience or expertise to remove them.

However, mineral deposits on the toilet, shower glass screen, sink and other bathroom surfaces leave a bad impression.

Therefore, use cleaning vinegar or oxalic acid to naturally remove hard water stains in the bathroom.

10. Having Sticky Residues On Mirrors & Walls

Eliminating proof of your existence from a house is challenging, and sticky residues from stickers, tape, picture frames and other items are proof.

If you truly want your house to be clean, use rubbing alcohol to remove sticky residues from mirrors and walls.

Wrapping Up

Selling a house in today’s housing market in Manassas, VA is not easy.

Therefore, to make your house better than the rest, you must deep clean it to increase its curb appeal and ensure every visitor leaves impressed.

Thus, use this guide to avoid 10 cleaning mistakes when selling your house.