Home And Office Cleaning Services In Manassas, VA

Those of us who work primarily from home hear how lucky they are and how great it must be not to have a 9-5 in a stuffy office.

Sure, it sounds great and in many ways working from home is fantastic.

But it does mean that there is more space to maintain, and the need for home and office cleaning services in Manassas is even greater.

The problem is that it is pretty easy to get overwhelmed with maintaining your household while you are also working in that space. Most office buildings have a cleaning crew, why shouldn’t your home office?

If you can portion off an area for you to work in, you should care for that space in the same way an office building would.

Why Hire Home And Office Cleaning Services?

You have probably heard of a home cleaning service in Manassas but have you thought of using that valuable service in your home office?

This space is where you spend hours at a time, and messy workspaces can negatively affect your work performance and even your health.

Our homes are command center of our lives, our friends, family, and loved ones gather here.

So while you’re working away in your office, your home is becoming cluttered and messy. You are busy with work, and the last thing you want to do is vacuum up your kid’s play area or sanitize your kitchen counters.

Hiring a cleaning service in Manassas can ensure you get more time to do things that are more valuable to you.

You can rest easy knowing that the tough tasks get done, and your home is clear of dust, allergens, and illness-causing bacteria.

Here is where Francis Cleaning LLC., comes in handy. Our talented, non-intrusive, and detail oriented maids provide top-tier home and office cleaning services.

Give our caring team a call today!

Home and Office Cleaning

Your home office is where you most likely spend the majority of your day, and it can get surprisingly dirty.

The University of Arizona found that ten million bacteria reside in the typical work area. That means everytime you touch the keyboard, mouse, pens, and the phone you are inviting all of those germs on to your person.

If you are busy with work, the last thing you are thinking about is ridding the space of the millions of microbes that are setting up shop.

Regular cleanings prevent dust and grime build up and reduce allergens and illness-causing bacteria.

Office Cleaning Checklist

Francis Cleaning LLC., created an easy checklist that you can use to stay on top of the germs between your professional cleanings:

  • Keyboard: Use compressed air and a Q-tip soaked in alcohol to clean excess dust, debris, and food remnants between the keys. Start by shaking the keyboard out over a sink or garbage can to clear the majority of the dirt then detail clean the rest.
  • Monitor: Use a microfiber cloth to remove dust and debris without smearing or scratching. Run the dry towel over the screen and body of the computer to pick up grime.
  • Dust: Flat areas, such as shelving, window sills, ceiling fans, desks, door frames, and desk decor, all collect dust. Use a duster or microfiber cloth to wipe all flat areas.
  • Disinfect: Areas such as the mouse, keyboard, even baubles that you might fiddle with while you work, all hold germs and bacteria.
  • Declutter: Stacking papers, removing trash, and creating an organized space will facilitate a stress-free work environment.

Another great idea is to purchase a washable keyboard cover.

Most of these are dishwasher safe and prevent any debris from falling between the keys.

You can utilize all of these office cleaning hacks to keep your workspace in great shape in between Francis Cleaning LLC., cleaning appointments.

Housekeeping Services

Aside from keeping your home office clean and clutter free, Francis Cleaning LLC., in Manassas also helps maintain your home.

The last thing you are looking forward to after an exhausting workday is too exit your home office and start vacuuming, sanitizing, and dusting your whole house.

It is easy to let these small things slip by day after day. Even though your home may appear clean and decluttered, there are millions of germs, hidden piles of dust, and dirty carpets.

You will want a housekeeper that vacuums, mops, dusts, and sanitizes.

Specifically, in your kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms, this creates a clean and restful home.

These services ensure you can focus on your career instead of cleaning or polishing. Then spend time with your family and relax after your workday.

As a homeowner and business person, you may want to also look for a company that offers more detailed housekeeping services for your home and office.

For instance, refrigerator cleanliness is crucial to food safety, and an unclean fridge can be the source of rank aromas.

Additionally, a dirty oven can be a significant fire hazard! Hiring a housekeeping service in Manassas that handles all of these areas allows you to focus entirely on your work instead of cleaning your kitchen.

Clean Work Environment

To do your best work, a clean and tidy work environment is crucial. Simple steps that anyone can work into their weekly routine can help prevent the clutter from building up and creating a more extensive project down the road.

Maintaining a household and simultaneously holding down a job is a lot of work. It seems even more daunting when you have to look at your chore list grow all day while you work from home.

It is incredibly frustrating to have to take time out of your work day to complete tasks like cleaning the refrigerator or mopping your floors.

These tasks need attention at some point, or you risk sanitation, allergen, and general cleanliness issues.

Francs Cleaning LLC., Can Help

Francis Cleaning LLC., is the leading residential cleaning service provider in Manassas and the surrounding area. Our passionate staff can assist you in keeping your home office and house clean and tidy.

This service allows you to put your time and energy into your work and loved ones.

Give us a call or contact us here, Francis Cleaning LLC., would be happy to help facilitate the best possible work environment for you!