Can you avail of weekly office cleaning services in Manassas VA from professionals?

There are a whole lot of cleaning package options that you can easily find with any cleaning company around the block.

There are some players who offer weekly office cleaning services on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis packages. Each of these frequencies will differ in its pricing, procedures involved and the solutions offered.

Nevertheless, going with a recurring cleaning package is going to save you a lot more money. Especially a weekly office cleaning services in Manassas VA might just be enough.

This is because the cleaning company that you hire is going to consider you as a long-term prospect and are going to give you attractive offers and discounts as you order their services in bulk.

In addition, this will also let the office cleaners understand your premises with one or two subsequent cleans and they can offer you the best solutions there can be in no time.

What to look for in weekly office cleaning services in Manassas VA?

1. Accountability

You need someone who has got your back at all times. And this will only happen if you hire a reliable company in place that has had an impeccable track record in the field of weekly office cleaning services in Manassas VA.

And we don’t just mean accountability in terms of meeting your expectations but rather exceeding them!

You should also ensure that the cleaners you hire in the picture are completely reliable in terms of the promised deadlines and deliverables. This is where most office cleaning in Manassas VA falls just a little short.

2. Insurance

Mishaps are more common while cleaning than you think. You’ll definitely need a trustworthy commercial cleaning company in Manassas VA doing the job for you while also covering your package with insurance schemes in place.

At Francis Cleaning, LLC, we offer third-party liability coverage policies to care for any refunds, recuperations, or replacements in the event of any unfortunate damages that are generally prone to happen while cleaning.

All these little details will make a difference for you.

It’ll give you an added edge while cleaning and also will ensure that you’re not blindsided by any unexpected spending that can drain your overall operational cost when it comes to cleaning.

3. Standard procedures

No two premises are the same and neither can they be cleaned the same way.

It is thus important that the cleaners you hire for your weekly office cleaning services in Manassas VA should understand the globally regulated protocols that are specifically devised for bettering the procedures when it comes to cleaning up office environments.

At Francis Cleaning, LLC, we strictly adhere to globally deemed procedures that are in adherence with OSHA and CDC to give you the best of results that leave absolutely no room for errors or shortcomings.

4. Green solutions

It’s in the hands of every single business owner to make sustainable adaptations along the way as they scale their reach.

The world desperately needs it now more than ever with the alarming levels of global emissions that are hitting new peaks each day.

At the same time, green cleaning is not just going to be beneficial on the environmental front.

But rather beneficial to the health aspects of your employees as well because organic products are absolutely not harmful to the human skin and might prevent rashes, allergies, or even asthmatic triggers that are usually the side effects of chemical cleaning.

It’s not just enough if you go with off-the-shelf products that claim to be organic. The market is full of fake sales gimmicks and the products are mostly knock-offs.

To prevent this from happening, you need to hire cleaners who pick up their supplies by hand after checking all the necessary mandates like an EPA approval .

5. Complete expertise

There is no point in hiring a professional cleaner if they are not able to do one or two niche routines for you along the way like carpet cleaning or window cleaning.

There’ll be a whole lot of back and forths if this is the case.

The professional that you go for should be the complete subject-matter experts of anything and everything related to commercial cleaning.

They should be prepared to handle any load of requirements, any intensity of cleaning, and any nature of any surface that you want additional coverage.

But finding someone for weekly office cleaning services in Manassas VAwho checks all these boxes might be a little hard. So ensure that you do all your research beforehand and only then sign up with any cleaner of your choice.

6. Regulated communication loop

Most cleaning companies struggle with keeping the client updated about every progress along the way while also maintaining a balance on not being too much.

Always go with a professional cleaning company in Manassas VAthat assigns you a dedicated client servicing representative who will keep you in the loop while also not requiring your direct involvement every now and then.

This might not look like a huge game-changing factor on a surface level but it really can be a bummer if only there is a misalignment between the set expectations and the works completed.

Ideally, the scope of work when it comes to weekly office cleaning involves

  • A dusting of cobwebs, light fixtures, and other areas
  • Cleaning of walls, carpets, and windows on a surface-level
  • Deep cleaning procedure for different elements within your premises at the appropriate frequencies
  • Disinfection cleaning and sanitization
  • Add-on requirements like Covid cleaning services in Manassas VA as and when required
  • General mopping procedures for all floor areas
  • Cleaning of hidden structures like carpet baseboards week on week to prevent dust accumulation over a period of time

If you’re wondering about how much you’ll be charged, contact Francis Cleaning, LLC today and get a free quote after a thorough on-site inspection!