It can be common in a small commercial setting to consider using in house staff to perform office cleaning in Manassas. This can work for a time and with proper training and management in place, but as the company grows, or its cleaning needs become specialized, unique, or overwhelming, it is time to consider outsourcing.

It’s not just that cleaning could become a burden on staff, it can be a huge benefit to companies to leverage outsourcing for other reasons as well.

Here are the biggest benefits of outsourcing your office cleaning in Manassas that you may not have considered.


Using an outsourced office cleaning company in Manassas allows you to schedule cleaning to be done after hours, and on a schedule that works best. For example, if you have a weekly staff meeting every Wednesday, you can have the cleaning crew scheduled to come in and clean up prior, after, or both, in order to have the most professional appearance.

If you have a special event and need an extra cleaning, your outsourced crew can do the work without interfering with productivity – unlike the result you may have using your own internal staff who have other tasks to manage and complete.

Reduced Liability

As manager of your office, you face certain liability for your staff and guests. Because outsourced janitorial services manage their own employees, it means you aren’t liable for the services or staff they provide. The professional office cleaning crew has been trained to properly use and store chemicals for safety and effectiveness, and the liability is on them to do so.

Avoiding cross contamination, properly disinfection in food and bathroom areas, and more, are all the burden of the cleaning company, no you. By not exposing your staff, whether specifically janitorial or not, to chemicals and equipment used for cleaning, you don’t carry the liability if they become injured.

Increased Security from Employee Theft

Security is a big deal, including limiting access to specific areas, avoiding theft, and maintaining privacy. Because out-sourced office cleaning professionals carry specific training, clearance, and accessibility, you can be confident that you are protected.

Employee theft can be minimized by using professional cleaning companies who conduct background checks and who are limited in their ability to access confidential information that employees may be able to more easily access. The office cleaning company being licensed, bonded and insured per industry requirements also adds additional security.

Improved Quality

Because an outsourced cleaning company specializes in commercial office cleaning in Manassas, they are familiar with the specific needs of the facility and the best chemicals, equipment and techniques to get the job done with efficiency and quality.

Unique training is given to staff that is in line with the best practices of the industry, and is done by the company itself – saving you time and money over hiring and training your own staff to do the work. Training on disease control, safety, and chemical management, as well as the proper use of equipment to reduce the chance of injury, are all part of the training the crew receives prior to coming to your facility.

In essence, the outsourced team is a solution that can be implemented immediately, unlike staffing and managing a janitorial crew.

Labor Effective

With in-house janitorial staff, the employer is responsible for all the costs of hiring – including placing an ad, screening, interviewing, hiring, training and managing benefits, disciplinary actions and more. When outsourced, however, the office cleaning company is responsible for those costs and processes.

Additionally, the janitorial company pays their staff for actual hours worked, which could be significantly less than having a janitorial service on your own staff being paid set hours in order to keep them gainfully employed. And, when turnover happens, which is indeed inevitable, you would have to go through the entire hiring process again, leaving a potential gap in performance.

When an outsourced office cleaning company is used instead, they simply immediately provide another trained and qualified cleaner.

Supply Effective

With certain office cleaning companies, equipment and supplies are part of the expense, reducing the need to store and replace cleaning supplies. Equipment and chemical management is the role of the cleaning company, not you, helping to control costs.

It becomes the burden of the cleaning company to manage their supply costs which are usually purchased in bulk through industry providers. This cost savings wouldn’t be available to you otherwise, and is another way to make outsourced office cleaning financially effective.

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