Why it’s Important to Deep Clean Your Office

Francis Cleaning understands the importance of having your professional environment clean and organized. When you do an office cleaning, employees tend to be more productive.

Deep cleaning your office space is also important to get rid of ingrained dirt, mold, and clutter to keep your space smelling good, and your air quality as clear as possible.

We also know that it’s important to keep the office clean in between visits from professional cleaning services.

We put together this simple guide to help you keep your office neat and tidy, as well as highlight the importance of deep cleaning.

Our Guide to Deep Clean Your Office

Start from the Top and Work Down

When it comes to deep cleaning your office, you should always start from the top and move down.

That means if you have hired a professional cleaning crew, or if you are doing it yourself, you should aim to start with cleaning fans, fixtures, and lights.

Then you should move on to dusting and cleaning the ceilings and so on. After that, you will need to dust and clean the walls, desk, and everything in the middle.

The last step should be the floors, chairs and everything at the bottom level.

Make It Horizontal

The next target should be all of the surfaces in your office, this includes places that are touched often like the doors, water cooler, switches, and other common areas.

Always make sure antibacterial cleaners are used to get rid of stubborn bacteria and germs. You should also tackle the window treatments and any glass partition during this step as well.

Have a person dedicated to cleaning main touching areas, such as computers, keyboards, phones, and the computer mouse.

The Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Break Room

These areas are the most important when it comes to doing a deep clean.

Bathrooms and eating areas tend to see the highest amount of traffic, and as a result, often host the most amount of germs.

Make sure to use the proper cleaning supplies, or have Francis Cleaning use the supplies that are specific for these areas. Special attention should be paid to areas where food is prepared and in the restroom stalls.

How Often To Deep Clean?

There is no specific time frame for deep cleanings, and you should schedule them according to the needs of your business.

Smaller offices that don’t see much foot traffic and have fewer employees can get by with one or two deep cleanings a year.

However, a larger business that sees a lot of outside foot traffic or has a large number of employees may need to have their locations serviced every three months.

Francis Cleaning is happy to speak with you to set up a schedule that works for you and your company to keep your space prime and pristine.

Cleaning Between Visits

Always keep a microfiber cloth in your desk drawer for quick and easy cleanup.

After you clear your desk, simply spritz the surfaces with a little bit of glass cleaner and wipe it down. You can also get a push vacuum to store in your office closet.

They are perfect for those times when you have minor dry spills on the carpet or a lot of small bits of debris on the floor.

They are soundless and easy to use, they are intended for minimal use, and our cleaning professionals would be happy to empty the container during our next visit.

Please get in touch with Francis Cleaning at 571-283-8216 for more ideas on how to keep your office clean in-between visits, or to set up an appointment for us to come by today!