How to Eliminate Bad Smell From Your Bathroom?

Bathrooms are notorious for smelling bad when dirty or poorly cleaned because their fixtures are constantly exposed to moisture, dirt, grime and more.

Its surfaces accumulate biofilms to which illness-causing pathogens and odor-causing bacteria stick and multiply.

After going to the bathroom, you can get over 200 million bacteria per square inch on your hands.

Moreover, if your bathroom has low water pressure, it lowers the water levels in drain traps, which allows sewage smells to escape into the bathroom.

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that a bathroom can smell nasty without taking proper measures for its maintenance and hygiene.

You can hire professional cleaners in Manassas, VA at the end of lease for bathroom sanitation and cleaning the entire rented premises, as renters often lose their bonds when bathrooms are inadequately cleaned & smell.

If you want to eliminate bad smells from your bathroom and keep it fresh at all times, know how to keep it sanitary.

How to Eliminate Bad Smell From Your Bathroom?

Check the Water Levels in Drain Traps

Sometimes even with routine bathroom cleaning, the area smells like rotten eggs and sulfur.

If your bathroom smells the same, check the drain traps of the toilet, bathtub and floors to ensure the water level is normal.

If it’s low, then the water pressure is not good in your bathroom, allowing the sewage smell to seep into the bathroom.

As a temporary fix, pour bleach into the drains, let it remain there for 30 minutes with the covers on, and then pour hot water. This measure will also keep away pests.

Descale Bathroom Fixtures

Few people know that mineral deposits on bathroom fixtures can make your bathroom smell funky.

Bacteria, mold and other microorganisms can develop on these deposits. When bacteria react with calcium and magnesium, it gives off hydrogen sulfur gas making your bathroom smell like rotten eggs.

Moreover, these deposits can absorb soap scum, urine and other contaminants and emit bad smells.

To remove them naturally, saturate the stains with cleaning vinegar and wait for an hour.

Next, scrub with a firm brush and wash with soap and water. You can also use hydrogen peroxide or baking soda to remove mineral deposits without toxic cleaners.

Note: if your bathroom surfaces are heavily scaled, and you must sanitize them at the end of lease, it’s best to hire professionals for end-of-lease cleaning in Manassas, VA.

Add Essential Oils to Homemade Bathroom Cleaners

Whether you are making vinegar-based natural cleaning products or baking soda paste, put in a few drops of anti-microbial essential oil.

You can use two or three oils together to make the fragrance stronger.

The best essential oils for cleaning solutions/paste excellent are lemon, orange, lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree and clove.

These oils also work wonderfully when you do end-of-lease cleaning in Manassas, VA and want the property to smell nice on the day of the final inspection.

You can also make a homemade bathroom freshener by mixing two cups of water, one cup of rubbing alcohol and 10-15 drops of essential oil of choice.

Spray this solution to banish bad smells from your bathroom.

Remove Soap Scum & Grime With Dish-washing Liquid & Baking Soda

You can clean every bathroom fixture and surface with baking soda and dish-washing liquid.

Baking soda is a mild scouring powder that also absorbs bad smells, whereas dish-washing soap is a great degreaser and is usually pH-neutral.

Make a paste of the two ingredients and scrub shower screens, mirrors, sink, toilet, shower tiles and almost any surface with this paste.

This paste also comes in handy while performing professional end of lease cleaning Adelaide.

After applying it on a bathroom surface, wait 10 minutes, then scrub with a sponge or brush until the soap scum, grime and dirt loosens, and you can wash it with warm water.

Ensure to dry the cleaned area with a terry towel to prevent mineral deposits, as they form after hard water evaporates.

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Remove Mold & Dampness from Bathroom Surfaces Immediately

Mold makes your bathroom smell musty and develops on the ceilings, walls and floors. It also grows on bathroom fixtures constantly exposed to water and moisture.

If you want to keep your bathroom fresh and maintain its indoor air quality, eliminate mold and dampness immediately.

Use rubber squeegees and microfiber cloths or towels to dry the surfaces and fixtures.

Additionally, use soap and hot water to clean mold first. Next, spray a solution of one part bleach or vinegar (if you want to make a natural cleaner) and one part water on the surface to kill mold.

Wait 30 minutes, then wipe away the solution, and you will have mold-free bathroom surfaces/fixtures.

Wrapping Up

Bathrooms are among the most important and used rooms in a house.

Its surfaces and fixtures are constantly exposed to contaminants, grime, and hard water, making them susceptible to biofilms and bacterial growths.

Therefore, bathrooms can smell nasty and funky without routine cleaning.

Thus use this guide to learn the best tips to eliminate bad smell from your bathroom.