Setting up an office cleaning service in Manassas can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of companies offering office cleaning service in Manassas, and the choice alone can be overwhelming.

Having a regular, professional office cleaning schedule is essential though, so don’t let the size of the task put you off!

To help make the process simple and straightforward, we’ve compiled a guide to finding the perfect office cleaning service in Manassas.

How to find the perfect office cleaning service in Manassas

Step 1: Consider your requirements

The first stage of setting up any new cleaning arrangement is to consider your requirements.

When it comes to office cleaning service in Manassas, there are a few considerations you should think about:

The tasks that need to be completed

You’ll need to think about what the actual tasks are that you need help with. Think about the size of your office, including the number of desks, toilets, kitchens etc. Which tasks do you need your cleaner to help with and which tasks, if any, are looked after by employees at the office?

Make a quick list of the tasks that you’d like your cleaner to complete so you can share this with any prospective service providers.

office cleaning service in manassas

The frequency of cleaning

Next, consider how often you’ll need cleaning. Fortnightly? Weekly? Daily?

Much of this will depend on the size and busy-ness of your workplace. If you have a high footfall, 7 days a week, for instance, it’s likely that you’ll need more regular cleaning than a spacious office that is only occupied a few times each week.

Look back at your tasklist too. Do all of these tasks need to be completed during every visit, or are there some daily tasks, some weekly task and some more ad-hoc tasks?

You may find that you need to find a service that can accommodate varying clean lengths, depending on the tasks required during each visit.

The timing of your cleans

When considering your office cleaning service in Manassas arrangement, you’ll need to have a think about when it works best. For some businesses, daytime cleaning is okay. If you have a busy workplace though, it might be best to look for evening cleaning instead.

You might even find that early morning is best for you.

Make sure that you know the possibilities before researching potential service providers – not all cleaning companies operate ‘around the clock’.

Flexibility of your arrangement

Depending on your office environment, you may find that your requirements are hard to predict, and could change week on week.

Some office cleaning service in Manassas companies will ask you to sign a contract, committing to your cleaning arrangement. If your needs are changing though, this won’t be suitable for your workplace.

Many of our office clients enjoy the flexibility of the Francis Cleaning platform, skipping unnecessary cleans some days, or adding longer complementary cleans when they’re required.

Consider this point carefully before locking into a contract that may not provide the flexibility that you require.

office cleaning service in manassas

Step 2: Research & shortlist potential service providers

Although it may seem obvious, it’s crucial that you spend some time researching potential service providers. Use Google to find local, established office cleaning service in Manassas and read up on their services.

Look for high ratings on review platforms like Google, and read client testimonials on the websites of providers you’re considering using.

When researching office cleaning service in Manassas providers, you’ll want to compare your requirements to the service that they each offer. A service provider may have rave reviews, but if the service they’re offering doesn’t quite match up to your needs, it’s unlikely to work out.

If you’re not sure whether a service provider is right for you then you can always reach out to them via phone, live chat or email and see if they’re equipped to provide the service that you’re looking for.

Jot down a shortlist of suitable service providers as and when you come across them, noting the things you like about each service, as well as any negatives that come to mind!

Step 3: Compare quotes

Once you’ve compiled a shortlist of prospective service providers, it’s time to gather some quotes.

Most office cleaning service in Manassas will ask you to fill in an online form about the size of your office and your cleaning requirements. You’ll already have all of this info to hand from step 1, so it should be nice and simple!

Your quote will usually be provided over the phone, or in an email.

Some providers may insist that an office visitation is arranged before they can commit to a quote.

In our experience, this shouldn’t be necessary prior to your first clean – after all, you can always make minor changes to the arrangement after the first clean, if too much or too little time has been arranged.

Once you have approximate quotes for each service provider, you’ll want to revisit your earlier notes. Compare the price of each service provider, with your own budget in mind.

It’s important that you don’t make a decision purely based on price though; review the pros and cons you noted down earlier, and consider the price as part of a holistic view of each provider.

Once this is done, you should be able to pick a clear favourite, or at least have a decent idea on your preferences.

office cleaning service in manassas

Step 4: Organise a trial clean

Once you’ve decided on your preferred service, it’s time to organze a clean. You should be able to organize this easily through the contact channels you received your quote through.

Ideally, the service provider should be able to offer a trial clean without you needing to commit to a contract or similar. After all, it’s important you see the work first-hand before committing.

Office Cleaning Service In Manassas

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