Cleaning is no fun activity, it’s arduous and boring, but alas, it must be done!

We try to whizz through it as fast as possible, but what often happens is we end up overlooking certain things that don’t maximize our cleaning efforts.

To make sure you get the best clean possible, avoid making these common cleaning mistakes:

Top 5 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Cleaning Mistake 1: Overloading the dishwasher

We’re all guilty here! Stuffing the dishwasher to maximum capacity because you really cannot be bothered cleaning those extra pots and pans.

The problem is that you’re essentially setting yourself up for unproperly cleaned dishes. Overloading means less surface area exposed to the detergent, which means less cleaning!

Cleaning Mistake 2: Neglecting faucets, handles and door knobs

Faucets, handles and door knobs are never thought of as the dirtiest places in your home, but they’re very likely to be the germiest because of how frequently we touch them.

Reflect on how many times you’ve touched the faucet in the middle of cooking, cleaning or even just washing your hands.

Cleaning Mistake 3: Not cleaning the trash can

Bad smell coming from the bin? That may be the bin itself, not its contents.

Although your bin is covered with a plastic bag (well hopefully), inevitably food and liquid will come into contact with the container.

Make sure to give it a frequent wipe and disinfecting.

Cleaning Mistake 4: Using the same sponges and cloths

Think of a sponge or cloth as the ¨Hamptons¨ for bacteria.

It’s frequently covered in food matter, and is always moist, which is the perfect living condition for nasty germs.

The mistake we commonly make is using the same sponge for too long and across different surfaces. You’re essentially spreading germs throughout your kitchen.

Cleaning Mistake 5: Having a full vacuum bag

Vacuum not working as well as it was 2 weeks ago, that’s most likely because the bag is too full.

Air must pass through the bag, so a full bag means that the machine has to work harder, and it probably won’t clean as well.

Worried about any other cleaning mistakes you may be making? Fear not!

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