When hiring a commercial cleaning service for your workplace, you should ensure that they meet certain cleaning standards beforehand.

This includes the quality of the cleaning, reliability of the staff, level of customer service and health and safety compliance.

You risk a poor experience for you and your staff if these basic standards are not met.

Your business is important to you and your customers. You have the responsibility to provide a safe and clean environment for your staff and customers.

Not only this, but a clean workplace is key to maintaining a professional image to customers and clients.

It’s also crucial that commercial cleaning blends into the workday and causes as little disturbance as possible.

Poor cleaning practices, bad customer service and unreliable staff will all disrupt the working day for you and your staff.

After all, one of the fundamental draws of outsourcing your cleaning is to free up time to concentrate on the things that really matter to you.

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Francis Cleaning, LLC, promises to deliver high quality commercial cleaning for your business each and every time.

We are always fully health and safety compliant, and our staff are always fully trained to deliver the best possible clean.

Commercial Cleaning Standards to Expect

When hiring a commercial cleaning company for your workplace, there are some fundamental standards that you should expect.

These are universal and help to determine whether or not you’re getting a good level of service.

If you don’t feel like you’re any of the following are up to scratch, it may be time to look for another commercial cleaning company:

Standard of Commercial Cleaning

First and foremost, you expect a cleaning company to do their job to a high standard.

You are paying for a service, so you are well within your right to demand that the job is carried out correctly.

The issue here is that everyone has different standards and there’s not a universally recognized level to reference.

This is why it’s important to set up your own standards on what you expect.

Take into account your own personal expectations, as well as the standards that need to be met in regard to your industry.

You may choose to design a scale that features ratings from bad to good so that you can visually see when your standards are being met (or when they’re not).

Fundamentally, every cleaning company should have a good knowledge of the basic cleaning practices.

This should include a good understanding of how to clean different surfaces and when to use what equipment.

Certain cleaning products could cause damage if used on the wrong material.

They should also be able to advise on the necessary equipment.

Most cleaning businesses offer their own equipment or agree on a procurement and storage strategy with the organization.

Staff Reliability and Experience

The reliability of a cleaning service is something that will greatly affect the overall experience.

Staff issues such as a high staff turnaround or understaffing will make it hard for staff to do the best possible job.

A competent cleaning provider will always have a steady and appropriately staffed business to meet demands.

Staffing issues can be very frustrating and seriously disrupt your level of service.

Customer Service

Doing a good job whilst cleaning is great, but it doesn’t mean much if the customer service isn’t up to scratch.

You don’t want cleaners coming into your workplace and being rude or disruptive to your staff or customers.

All cleaning staff should be well trained in customer service and communication to make for a better overall experience.

Health and Safety Compliance

Cleaning is a service that requires strict compliance with health and safety standards.

There are a number of potential hazards that should be acknowledged, with the proper standards being met at all times.

Dangerous chemicals, tripping and slipping hazards and general improper use of equipment will all increase the likelihood of accidents.

Your staff and customers should be protected from these hazards as much as possible to ensure a safe workplace.

A commercial cleaning company should be fully compliant with all relevant health and safety standards and should have the correct level of training for their role.

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