Residential Maid Cleaning Services Manassas

Walking into a home that has been cleaned and is sparkling clean in the evening is now a fantasy to most home owners.

We want to find the living are spruced up, the sinks scrubbed and our carpet vacuumed but that is not always the case.

You would have to hire residential maid cleaning services Manassas to enjoy such perks.

Yes it may seem that hiring a maid service is somewhat extreme but it is not. Our day to day life is focused on so much work outside of the home that we forget the work in our homes.

Our company aim is to provide you with the best residential maid cleaning services Manassas. For this reason we only hire the most professional cleaners to keep your home just the way that you want t.

Residential maid cleaning services Manassas include an array of cleaning services. For example the bedroom is often cleaned thoroughly. The beds are spread and fresh sheets put in on a regular basis. The pillows of your bed will be fluffed to perfection.

The entire room will be cleaned and wiped down, this includes appliances in the room and any shelves. The floor will be mopped and the blinds and baseboard dusted. The lamps in the room will also be dusted.

The kitchen which is where most people really like to have their cleaners get to has numerous cleaning services. Let us start with the sinks which are scrubbed to perfection. The floor of the kitchen is mopped and disinfected. The front faces of all the cabinets are wiped down gently along with any knobs on them.

The microwave is also cleaned along with any other appliances in sight. The chairs and tables in the kitchen are also dusted while the countertops are wiped down and disinfected.

When we get to your living are we know comfort is key. This is the place where you sit down and relax after a long day’s work. The pillows on your couch will be fluffed properly. The furniture will all be wiped down or dusted according to their needs.

Fingerprint smudges on your coffee table will be gone by the time you walk through the door. The carpet beneath your feet will be properly vacuumed.

If you are having some reservations towards us or our crew feel free to check out our website.

We have professional cleaners who are well trained and will not destroy or harm any of your items with cleaning products.

We use only the best when it comes to cleaning products. This means that we give your home priority and only use safe and genuine products.

When you leave your home and entrust us with the job of cleaning it we will deliver but more to that we will keep it safe. Our company is well-known for hiring trustworthy employees.

This means you do not have to worry about someone nicking your jewelry or stealing personal items in your home.

We pride ourselves on two things our skill to clean and loyalty to our customers.

About Francis Cleaning Service

Francis Cleaning LLC. service is a fully integrated janitorial cleaning services in Manassas VA company that provides comprehensive, high quality, reliable cleaning solutions to commercial, corporate, industrial and residential clients in Manassas.