Every Manassas business should be conscious of the impression their physical space makes, on both customers and employees. Being clean, orderly and hygienic makes a difference, no matter what your business. It affects your company’s image.

If someone’s first impression is that your business is sloppy, disorganized or dirty, it’s very challenging to change that impression on subsequent visits. They’ll always remember the clutter or the dirt that caught their eye.

Cleanliness In The Customer-Facing Business

Let’s start with retail establishments that interact with customers on site.

There’s an old adage about not trusting a restaurant with a dirty restroom to have a clean kitchen. This is widely held, and for good reason. Most of us will quickly lose our appetite and take our business elsewhere if the restroom in a food service establishment looks dirty.

Any business which welcomes customers should take this to heed, on a universal level. If you want to inspire the trust and confidence of your customers, a clean, hygienic and tidy business place is essential. While standards may rightly vary, whether your business is a daycare, a fast food place, or a “you pull it” parts shop, it’s important to decide on your standards and stick to them.

Cleanliness For Employess Sake

Even when customers don’t enter your business, it’s important to make a clean and orderly first impression on your employees.

Why does it matter?

A sloppy, dirty workplace conveys low standards to employees. They’ll hardly want to do their best and give their all in a sloppy environment. It’s human nature to sink to the lowest common denominator. Do you want to cultivate a “race-to-the-bottom” mentality? Or a “race-to-the-top” by modeling high standards?

It’s also affects employee health and safety. From dust allergies to slipping hazards, a dirty and disorganized environment presents physical hazards.

A dirty, disorganized space interferes with efficiency. People are frustrated and slowed down when they can’t find their tools, parts or equipment. Productivity improves measurably in a clean, organized work space. Employees are motivated to maintain high standards.

Professional Cleaning Ensures A Positive Environment

While circumstances are different for every workspace, professional cleaning has many advantages over leaving it up to your employees.
First, do the math. Can you afford to have your high-paid employees take care of cleaning responsibilities? A cleaning service is a more economical option.

Manassas professional cleaners are trained to a high, uniform standard, ensuring that your workspace will get the attention it demands on a timely schedule.

Do your employees have the free time, the equipment, and the know-how to clean the workspace? Contracted cleaning services have industrial equipment like floor polishers, high-powered vacuums and long-reaching dusters. They are also experts on the right cleaning products.

Francis Cleaning LLC. Of Manassas For A Great First Impresion

Francis Cleaning LLC. provides dependable, customized commercial cleaning and janitorial services in every Manassas facility we serve. Every Customer. Every Day. Every Time.

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