Window cleaning Manassas VA take the most beating from the elements, especially during harsh climatic conditions. For this reason, they tend to become so dirty especially if you live upcountry or near a farm field.

It is therefore common for people living in such areas to clean their windows now and then. However, because of the complexity in accessing the windows, they may go uncleaned for some time, especially on the outside.

But no matter how much we may avoid them during a normal routine cleaning, they will eventually need some cleaning; otherwise, they will become unbearable.

This article gives more insights regarding window cleaning Manassas VA being part of deep house cleaning.

Window Cleaning Manassas VA: How to Deep Clean Windows

  • Gather Everything You Need

The first step when it comes to window cleaning Manassas VA is gathering all the supplies you need for the task. Before embarking on the window cleaning task, you will need a clean and dry cloth, window cleaning detergent, a soft brush, and a squeegee or microfiber cloth.

The best time to work on your windows is when the sun is shining directly on the glass. An overcast day will be good for this task.

  • Clean the Window

Take the window cleaner and mix it up with water. It is good to note that you do not have to purchase a commercial window cleaner, as you can make yours using white vinegar, cornstarch, and water.

Spray the cleaner on the window glass and use a microfiber cloth or squeegee to move in on the glass. Finish this by wiping drips using a paper towel or a clean piece of cloth.

The best way to go about this is to start at the top and move down in a straight line. Do this repeatedly and continue wiping until you have removed all the solutions.

Finish the process by running the cloth horizontally all the way to the bottom. When you want to clean window exteriors, start by brushing lost debris with a bristle brush or broom. Be sure to dust the tracks, hinges, and sills.

Repeat this process on the exterior glass.

  • Clean the Frame

When you are done cleaning the glass, it is now time to clean the frame. To do this, open the window and get a dry piece of cloth to sweep the dirt and dust out of the frame of the window.

You could also use a vacuum attachment to remove the debris from the window. After cleaning the dirt, you should spray that area with a cleaner and give it some time to soak in for a couple of minutes. Afterward, use a cleaning cloth to wipe the dirt.

In case some dirt is stuck in the corners, spray it with a cleaner and use a small brush to scrub. Wipe the area and use cotton swabs to scrub any hard to reach crevices.

  • Clean Windowsills

Since you have now completed the hard work, it is now time to clean the windowsills and frames. To do this, get a dry piece of cloth and use it to wipe the frame and windowsill to remove the dust. Afterward, spray your desired cleaner onto the cloth and use it to wipe the frame and sill to clear any remaining residue.

What Else is Included in Deep House Cleaning?

  • Carpet Cleaning

Carpets, be it bathroom mats, bedroom and living room carpets are some of the main things that trap the most dust in the house. When someone comes into the house with the dirt and dust collected by shoes from the field, it ends up in the carpet in the room.

Since carpets are not things to be cleaned now and then, they are therefore included in Manassas deep house cleaning.

  • Faucets Cleaning

Very often, faucets are usually overlooked in the normal routine house cleaning. With time, they may become dull and discolored with dirt. The main disadvantage of living with dirty faucets is that bacteria and mold may accumulate and make you sick.

Since you may not always have enough time to clean during the routine house cleaning, they can be dealt with when doing the deep house cleaning.

Deep house cleaning in Manassas entails giving your house a good clean up that ensures all areas including windows, carpets, floors, bathroom, kitchen, and other parts of your house are clean.

As you may have seen, deep cleaning is quite a tough process. If you do not have the time, energy, or resources to do it, you might as well consider leaving it to the professionals.